Store Frozen Corn And Peas In Plastic Water Bottles

I routinely use small portions of frozen corn, peas and green onions in dishes like fried rice, soups, and casseroles. Bento weblog Lunch in a box recommends using a water bottle to store frozen small vegetables to avoid freezer burn and make it easy to dispense the amount you need.

You can pour bagged frozen vegetables into a water bottle using a funnel. If you have fresh veggies, you should spread them out on a baking sheet and flash freeze them before storing in the bottle.

Speed tip: Frozen corn in plastic drink bottles [Lunch in a Box]


    Wouldn't they eventually all freeze into one big block in the bottle?

      By the sounds of it, yes.

      "[..]if the corn or green onions do clump in the bottle, just shake it up, whack it on the counter, or poke the inside of the bottle with a chopstick to loosen the contents. If you’re concerned about clumping or getting the vegetables in the bottle, try using bottles with wide mouths. If you’re concerned about freezing plastic, try using a clean, dry glass bottle with a wide mouth (a la Snapple)."

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