Stop Lion From Re-Opening Old Windows With Cmd+Opt+Q

Lion's resume feature can be pretty handy, but other times it opens a bunch of old windows when you least expect it. If you're tired of apps opening up all the windows you had open last time, you can stop the app from remembering those windows next time with Command+Option+Q.

If you have, say, a number of pictures open in preview, or a number of documents open in Pages, hitting Cmd+Q to quit the application will save all those windows for later. Which means, the next time you open an image in Preview, you'll be annoyingly bombarded with all the images you had open last time, too. To avoid this, use Cmd+Opt+Q to quit the app next time (instead of Cmd+Q). This shortcut will close all the app's open windows and quit it one fell swoop, so the next time you open it up, all you're left with is the one window you intended to open.

10.7: Quit and Close all Windows [Mac OS X Hints]


    Interesting. I tend to close (Cmd+W) all the windows I don't want it to open before quitting the app

    I'm a huge Apple fanboy but there is nothing I like about Lion. It's just a mess.

    yeah all this 'locked' crap is a bit much imo

    This will stop it all together:

      Thanks Rivett, will utilise that one I think!

    Thanks, preview's been driving me crazy!

    Lions feature of remembering windows is actually extremely annoying! In my opinion users should have been asked if they wanted OS X to remember and re-open windows as this certainly doesn't appeal to everyone. Every time I power off my mac now I have also have to deselect the option to re-open windows after the next boot. I also deal with a lot of images so I'm for ever being bombarded with previous images as described in the article.

    I'd like the option to permanently disable these features in Lion.

    The other really annoying feature now is using preview to modify picture files. I can never tell if the image has actually been saved or if the' version'has been saved. If I save a version then upload the image somewhere am I uploading the original or the version? I just want to make changes to the bloody image then save the changes, instead I have to export it with the changes.

    Wow I totally misinterpreted the title as "Prevent Mac OS X from accidentally starting up Windows 95 / 98 with this handy shortcut" ...

    Yes!!! I thought it was just me. I am buried in windows. Apps take forever to start. Booting is intolerable.

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