Stop Google Using Your Wi-Fi Location

One of the ways Google tracks where you are for its location-based services is via a list of known wireless routers and access points. While that list doesn't include personal information, if you'd rather Google wasn't tracking your router or access point at all, there's now an easy way to make that happen.

All you need to do is change your network name (the SSID) so that it ends with "_nomap". Changing the name usually requires logging into your web-based configuration page, a process which will vary depending on the hardware you use and may require you to connect via ethernet. Google has a help center article which covers the basics for many popular models.

Unfortunately, this does make it harder to use a quirky name for your network, though I guess "I_have_nomap" or "LottsaVirus_nomap" would still work.

Greater choice for wireless access point owners [The Official Google Blog]


    Having to change your SSID to fix google's broken behaviour is completely backwards. Sorry google, you should fix your process for reporting bad wireless locations instead of forcing end users to apply hacks.

      It's no different to a robots.txt

      If you're broadcasting a SSID, or throwing up a WWW page - you're making something available to the public at large. You don't get to complain that others make use of that information.

        Hey Blake, where do you live, I mean street address?

        Or putting windows in your house and then using curtains to block people looking in.

        Google captures the data from public property. Legally it might be along the same lines of 'taking a photo of your house from the street' - whether you leave the curtains open or closed, the person is within their rights to take a picture.

    Sound familiar?

    How about we reverse it, Google only map networks with specific approval by ending with "_map_ok." ?

      Because the majority of us are completely fine with Google accessing information that we're publicly broadcasting ourselves.

      Take off your tinfoil hat and join us :)

    So, Yeah. Google should have an Opt in option rather than an Opt Out option.

    and yet so many people are fine with Streetview. You can't ever get your privacy back so don't give it away in the first place. You'll likely live long enough to regret it.

    Talking of tinfoil hats...

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