Simplier Plays Music From iTunes On Your Mac

Mac: Sure most of us use iTunes to purchase music, but playing that music in iTunes is kind of a pain. For a lot less bloat and a more streamlined experience, give Simplier a try — it's a simple music player that uses your existing iTunes music library.

The look of Simplier is very similar to iTunes; imagine if Cupertino made a lightweight music player-only version of the multimedia player/store. There aren't a lot of features (other than much smaller memory use) but you can choose to share what you're listening to in your Twitter timeline.

The app is $2.99 in the Mac App Store, but if iTunes being so deeply integrated into OS X bothers you, this is a way to get a simple music player without having to rearrange your existing library. It can be worth the three bucks to many users just to keep iTunes closed when not buying music.

Simplier [Mac App Store via One Thing Well]


    and if iTunes doesn't bother us? seriously, I have a 60GB library on a 4 year old macbook and it runs perfectly... don't get the bother =_=

    I bought it and it gives me only the beachball... good waste of money -- never had a trouble with itunes in my life

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