Sew A Button On Your Tea Towels For Easier Cleaning

Sew A Button On Your Tea Towels For Easier Cleaning

Sometimes your scourer can only go so far in getting stuck food off dishes. Home-centric weblog Re-Nest recommends sewing a button on the edge of your tea towels for scrubbing off particularly stubborn food.

Photo by Samantha Celera.

This is an extremely simple little trick that can make a huge difference in keeping your dishes looking good:

[My friend’s] mother sewed buttons to the corners of her dishcloths (the ones for drying) to help remove stuck on food. Yes, you should be washing your dishes thoroughly, but sometimes there’s that one little bit that you thought you removed, but didn’t. So when you’re drying your dishes and don’t really want to submerge things again, just use the button!

This is especially useful if you don’t have a dishwasher, or if you tend to leave those dishes out just a tad bit too long and food gets really stuck on there. Hit the link to read more.

Why You Should Sew A Button On A Dishcloth [Re-Nest]


      • I completely agree. If people flipping out about a little bit of dry food could see just how germ-infested everything around them is (like, say the keyboard they’re using right now), they might relax a little and realise they survive much worse on a daily basis.
        Even on the topic of washing up – Do people think that after they’ve scrubbed plates in a sink full of dirty washing up water, that rinsing with clean water will make the bacteria magically fall off?

  • Eww, something is crusted on so its fine to scrape it off then put it in the cupboard?
    Remind me to never eat at anyone’s house that does this. 😐
    Why not just leave a button, or something similar on the sink. So you can scrape at the stubborn food while its in the water where it should be?

      • @Steve you’re kidding, right?

        But then again…

        Why bother with water at all? Why don’t you just scrape away the ‘visible with the naked eye’ stuff and pop the dishes back in the cupboard.

        • Even if you’re being sarcastic, scraping away the stuff that’s visible to the naked eye is all washing up liquid does anyway. It cuts grease and removes food, it’s not a proper disinfectant. And if you’ve used the cloth even once before, you’re probably depositing MORE bacteria onto the plate than could grow on a clean plate naturally.

  • And before you comment, the ‘slash sarcasm’ tag was removed from my post.

    But really, is this article serious? I’m with John – let me know if you follow this process before I come around to your house to eat.

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