Second Sydney IKEA Opens In Tempe Today

Melbourne got its second IKEA store back in September, and now it's Sydney's turn. The new Sydney store in Tempe opens at 10am today, which will doubtless come as a blessed relief to eastern suburbs types who have found the trip to Rhodes a cultural shock to the system.

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IKEA's long-term view is that each store serves a population of one million, and those of us with long memories can recall when it did have three stores in Sydney (at Moore Park, Blacktown and Gordon). The Rhodes store is going to remain my preferred location, but for those in the south or east, Tempe is clearly a more appealing option when it's time for some IKEA hacking. Between now and November 20, IKEA is also running shuttle buses from Sydenham station to try and minimise parking crowds.



    A trip to Tempe would be as much of a shock as Rhodes

    I'm just hoping the traffic around the Rhodes store decreases - weekends at Rhodes are a nightmare.

    Now they need to open a store in Tasmania. I am aching for a shopping spree but can't afford the 40% fee to ship it down here. I've seen (and signed) petitions for them to open a store down here but never heard anything coming of it, other than a rumour that they were looking at opening in the proposed DFO at Hobart airport - if that even goes ahead. Sigh.

    Would be nice to see a western based IKEA.. Somewhere between Parramatta and Blacktown. I don't like in either of those suburbs but they are both much easier to get to than the current two locations (including the new store as current).

    More like a logistical shock to the system. Rhodes car park is horrendous.

      I have a feeling parking at Tempe won't be a barrel of laughs either.

    If you lived around tempe area they gave everyone there a letter and they were allowed to visit the store last weekend if I remember right, and got a 10% off voucher and also a $10 coupon

    Ikea hacking is simply not feasible in Australia. Have you ever attempted one of the projects? Cheaper just to buy a purpose made one (I know DIY is about the fun of a project, but Ikea is still to expensive)...

    As a Rhodes resident I say Eastern Suburbs types can stay in the east!

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