Rum-Flavoured 'Caviar' Adds Punch To Any Drink

If you're game for a little molecular gastronomy (a form of cooking where you play with your food to create new textures and flavours), this rum "caviar" takes a few minutes to make and creates small jelly-like balls that, when you eat them, taste like a mild rum.They're perfect for any cocktail that calls for rum, or even for non-alcoholic drinks like store-bought eggnog that you want to add a little punch to.

The beauty of the rum caviar is that you don't need much to make it. A little vegetable oil, some agar agar (a gelatin substitute, available at health food stores and supermarkets), an eye dropper and, of course, dark rum. The blog Mix That Drink walks us through the process, but it doesn't take long and the results are delicious, milder-flavoured than straight rum, and can be stored for weeks, on-hand for any drink or recipe that needs a little extra special flavour. Thanks Jen!

Rum Caviar [Mix That Drink]


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