Revert Yahoo Mail Back To The Previous Version

A little over a year ago Yahoo started rolling out the beta version of its new Mail service. Now the beta tag is gone and Yahoo has moved everyone to the new layout. If you preferred the old version, Techdows found a trick to get it back using, of all things, your display settings.Temporarily setting your screen resolution to 800 by 600 which causes the new Yahoo Mail to not display properly. When you try to load Yahoo Mail with your display set to 800 by 600 you'll receive the message in the screenshot above. Click on Return to a previous version of Yahoo Mail and you'll be downgraded back to Yahoo Mail Classic. Then you can reset your display settings to your normal resolution and go about your business.

Want Old Yahoo Mail Back? Here is How to Get it. [Techdows]


    I have a little Lifehack: Your title "Revert Yahoo Mail Back To The Previous Version" is a tautology (needless repetition of an idea, statement, or word). 'Revert' and 'back' mean the same thing, like saying "a round circle" (have you ever seen a square circle or a round square?).

    Maybe Lifehacker could do an article on how to avoid tautologies and other pitfalls of English grammar.

    No, this doesn't work. I have my resolution at 800 x 600 all the time, and the new Yahoo Mail never gives me this message.

    It must be the browser you're using, because the resolution, alone, doesn't trigger this message.

    Yahoo's new layout is positively brilliant. Switching back isn't the best idea.

    There is a sporadic issue with the new yahoo mail which effects many users. The problem causes the user not to be able to compose, delete emails. You also can't empty spam or trash folders, and can't get into the options menu. For these people going back to classic is the only answer.

    Hey! This Is How You Switch Back To Yahoo! Classic Mail..
    Mozilla FireFox..
    ThiS Is Easy And Fun...
    ToolS.. OptionS.. Content..
    Disable Javascript..
    Boom! Go To Your Yahoo! Email..
    Refresh The Page..
    Switch Back To The ClaSSIc Yahoo! Mail..
    That You Love The Most!

    Go Back!
    Don't Forget To Re-Enable Javascript!

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