Repurpose A Suit Jacket Into A Laptop Bag

Instructables user katvanlew wanted to make a sturdy yet unique laptop bag and made one from a wool suit jacket and an old plaid shirt for lining, both acquired cheaply at a charity shop. If you have a sewing machine you can make your own classy laptop bag for a few bucks and a few hours of sewing.

The process involves deconstructing the suit jacket, using the body of the jacket for the bag and the sleeves for the handles or shoulder strap. After the basic shape is assembled the author likewise cutup the plaid shirt to provide a lining and internal pockets for the bag. The author also used a denim skirt, another thrift store purchase, to use as a layer between the wool and the plaid shirt lining to make the bag more durable.

Full instructions and step-by-step photos can be found at the source link below.



    I'm not seeing the source link?

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