Reeder For Chrome Transforms Google Reader

Reeder For Chrome Transforms Google Reader

Chrome: Reeder for Chrome is inspired by Reeder for Mac OS and iOS, but it’s not from the same developers. Nevertheless, it retains the clean and easy-to-use look and feel of the original, and completely re-skins Google Reader into a clean and attractive three-paned feed reader that looks just like the desktop and mobile app.If you’re a big fan of Reeder on the desktop, or just want to get a feel for what it’s like before you pay for the iOS or Mac OS versions, Reeder for Chrome can give you a similar experience. It’s missing some of the smooth transitions, but your feeds are grouped in the small pane to the left, headlines live in the centre, and you get a large view of the story or article in the pane on the right. Click a headline and a new Chrome tab opens with the article on its home page.

Since Reeder for Chrome is a skin for the actual Google Reader homepage, you can manage your subscriptions, add new ones, filter for read and unread stories, as well as star and mark stories in the interface.

Reeder for Chrome [Tumblr]


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