Qantas Form For Free Flights Now On Its Site

If your flight got cancelled because of the Qantas grounding and you haven't yet received an email from Qantas confirming that you'll get a free return domestic flight as compensation, there's now a form on the Qantas site that lets you register for the offer.

Note that the form only covers domestic flights; international customers are going to receive a separate offer, which hasn't been detailed yet.

I got caught out by the cancellation and I have already got my email, but I have to say Qantas is making this whole process rather convoluted. So far, I've been sent one email saying that the offer will be made, and a second email telling me specifically that I'm eligible, but I'll have to wait for a third email which should arrive just before November 30, which actually gives me the details I need to book a flight. And that's before considering the various terms and conditions. I'm not one to turn down compensation, but it does strike me that the approach doesn't entirely suggest efficiency.



    We had our flight cancelled from the 30th of Oct. Hadn't recieved an email from them, so used the form. Here's hoping something comes of it.

    Where on the website is the form? I have not yet received anything from Qantas about the free flights but should be eligible but I cant locate the form

    I put the form in a week and a half ago? Anyone know how long it's taking them to process them??

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