Mozo Adds Travel Money Comparison Service

Mozo Adds Travel Money Comparison Service

We’ve long championed comparison Mozo as a useful resource for comparing savings accounts, credit cards and home loans. A new feature on the site now lets you compare travel money options.

While you can withdraw money straight from ATMs in an increasing number of countries, that usually comes with a hefty fee, and some people prefer their travel funding to be entirely separate. If you do want to do that, there’s a number of options, including prepaid travel cards and travel-specific credit and debit cards. The Mozo comparison tables list the costs associated with each choice, with breakdowns covering popular cards for specific currencies. Worth bookmarking if you’re planning an overseas trip.

Mozo Travel Money


  • Wow! Great info. We are planning a holiday overseas and the pre paid travel cards are just what we need. I think it will make our holiday much easier now that we won’t have to worry about carrying foreign bills. I have been losing sleep thinking about using strange bills and now we don’t have to worry about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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