McHappy Day: Good Time To Have A Burger

McHappy Day: Good Time To Have A Burger

If you stick to a sensible burger policy and just have one as an occasional treat, then this Saturday would be a good day: it’s McHappy Day, meaning $2 from each Big Mac sold goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Probably beats making your own on a weekend. [McHappy Day]


  • If I stuck to a sensible burger policy, I wouldn’t waste my once-in-a-blue-moon burger on McDonalds. I’d rather donate the $2 myself, then buy a real burger.

  • Hey Lifehacker Australia.

    I have it on good account that the McDonalds in Westfield Doncaster will be dressing up for McHappy day! Drop by and have a look at our costumes and buy a big mac and a helping hand!

  • I really hate McDonalds food in general, but McHappy Day and the Children’s House are a really good thing and more companies should do things like this for familes that are under so much pressure with sick kids.

  • Haha, touche Max. Nothing like poisoning millions of kids, putting them in hospital and then giving their families ‘free’ accommodation funded by poisoning millions more, and then handing out free vouchers to every family member and every patient – regardless of whether they are a terminal/chronic case or not. Mc Death should be forced to pay for the health care and weightloss efforts – and funerals of every customer – without clever tactics to sell even more. I’d like to see that…!

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