Make Your Own Tofu

Make Your Own Tofu

Last week we showed you how to make your own soy milk. If you like silken tofu you can make your own using your homemade soy milk, a bit of Epsom salt and a few ramekins or other small containers. This will make silken tofu that you can further process into firm tofu by pressing out moisture.

Culinary blog Serious Eats provides a simple recipe for silken tofu: Dissolve half a teaspoon of Epsom salt in two tablespoons of water, add this to chilled soy milk and distribute the mixture to your ramekins. Add the ramekins to a pan and pour enough water in the pan to almost reach the top of the ramekins, add a towel over the pan and secure that towel with a lid. Simmer for 10 minutes until the tofu jiggles like a custard, then remove from the heat and allow tofu to set at room temperature for a few minutes.

Silken tofu, also known as soft tofu, is used in desserts, smoothies, as an egg substitute and can be used as a spread. You can also turn silken tofu into firm tofu by putting into a cheesecloth while still warm and adding a weight on top to press out any water. You can also just purchase a tofu press for this purpose. Firm tofu is what you want for stir fries, sandwiches and any other application that requires a firm texture.

How to Make Fresh Silken Tofu from Soy Milk [Serious Eats]


  • Do you know what tofu stands for?
    T = Tasteless
    O = Odourless
    F = Flavourless
    U = Uuurrggghhhh!!!
    But seriously, because tofu is often put up as a healthy alternative to animal products, people expect it to have a tasty flavour. It is better to think of tofu in the same way as rice or pasta, both of which are quite bland, only tofu is far more nutritious. Use tofu as a carrier for a sauce which provides the flavour. One of my favourites – Crispy Tofu Stir Fry in Black Bean Sauce.

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