Make Salad In A Jar For An Easy, Fresh Lunch

Make Salad In A Jar For An Easy, Fresh Lunch

Here’s an ingenious way to make sure you eat salad everyday: Make jars of salad on Sunday night that you can just grab to bring to work. If you layer the ingredients correctly, the salad stays fresh for up to four days.

Julia writes on the Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body blog that the most important part of the layering is keeping the dressing and the salad leaves from touching. She layers her ingredients with the dressing on the bottom, then onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, quinoa and spinach. Naturally, you would adapt her salad recipe to your own tastes.

Adding to the convenience of this Secret Recipe Club recipe: When you’re ready to eat your salad, just shake the jar up.

Salad in a Jar – SRC [via The Daily Buzz]


    • While the zip lock would obviously keep the melted water away from your actual food, I’d imagine that you’d still end up with a soggy lunch from the water lost from your salad which condenses on the ice.

      In any case, a salad straight from the fridge should last long enough to survive the commute to the office before it gets put in the lunch room fridge.

  • And to think, I’ve been using tupperware containers all this time, when I could be awkwardly stacking salad in a jar.

    And I bet you 10 bucks shaking this salad ain’t gonna do nuffin.

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