MacBundler Offers $300 Worth Of Mac Apps For $35

MacBundler is offering its new Mac software bundle, which includes 8 apps at a steep discount. What would normally cost you $US300 is going for $US35 until November 15th, 2011. Here's what's inside:

  • Kompressor - Compresses your video files
  • Flux - WYSISYG web site creator
  • Home Inventory - Tracks your home inventory for moving or insurance purposes
  • Hands Off - Blocks apps from phoning home
  • Wondershare PDF Editor - Make complex edits to PDFs
  • Concealer - Hides private information, like account numbers and passwords
  • Color Splash Studio - Adds colour effects to your photos
  • Back In Time - Easy access to Time Machine backup data

Apps purchased in the bundle come with the same full support as you'd get if you paid full price. It's not a bad deal if you were thinking of getting one or two of these anyway. For apps like Flux, you're getting a huge discount regardless. Check out MacBundler for plenty of additional information.



    pffft!!! The only one of those apps that may be of slightest use to me is the pdf editor. Pass.

    Wow! Only $35 for a bunch of apps I'll never need or use?! Bargain!

    Even after the price drop, I don't see the 'value' behind these 'still-over-priced' apps... =(
    I hate paying for apps that is like 500% mark-up!

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