Lost Your Job? Suck It Up, Says Kerri-Anne

There's nothing fun or pleasant about suddenly losing your job or finding it dramatically changed. However, perennial daytime TV survivor Kerri-Anne Kennerley argues that when that happens, getting on with it makes more sense than sitting around and whining.

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Kennerley's long running morning show on Nine looks set for a change of host next year, with Sonia Kruger apparently taking on the job as part of a deal that will also see her hosting a new version of Big Brother. But while Kennerley herself only learned of the change when a journalist contacted her over the weekend, her public approach remains philosophical:

Everybody's ego gets dinted a bit. I'm no different to anybody else in any other job who finds themselves moving on. Whether you like it or not is besides the point. Get on, suck it up and enjoy.

Obviously it helps that Kennerley apparently remains contracted to Nine, but it's still a useful reminder for all of us: accepting change is the first step in taking advantage of it.

Kerri-Anne confirms replacement rumours [ABC News]


    The most disturbing aspect to this story is the fact that Big Brother is coming back to TV! Good grief.

      I know, we thought that crap was gone for good.

        big brother is coming back. Thats it im killing myself

      I actually miss BB
      seriously it was such fun watching those people, well the earlier seasons anyway...btw Krystal from BB was awesome

      I would probably be more annoyed about Big Brother's return if I still actually watched FTA TV.

    I imagine a healthy bank balance (and a low or no mortgagee) makes a big difference to your attitude if this ever happens to you.

      So you feel that if you don't have a big bank balance, and you lose your job, the most effective and productive thing is to whine and mope about?

        He didn't say it is effective or productive but it is hypocritical for KAK to speak of such things sitting atop her golden throne.

        Normal people (dare I say the 99%) do not have the luxeries that she does.

        I was merely pointing out that I imagine a big pile of cash make a nice cushion the help ease the pain.

        This is something that most people don’t have and as such, this kind of news would affect them more, hence they would likely feel worse.

          Yeah fair point. I doubt she was born rich tho (I may be wrong?)

          Just there's been a lot of ppl on here recently latching onto stories about positivity and saying 'get real! i have a mortgage! wah wah wah'.

          Didn't mean specifically you tho dude ;) flew off the handle because of so many annoying folks

            Fact of the matter is, celebrities shouldn't be telling the normal folk stuff like this because they don't know what it is like to live like we do.

    Kerri is completely right, I'm marching right up to my ol' friend Bill who lost his job last year closely followed by his wife and house to get up out of that dumpster and suck it up.
    The idiot thinks I should have sympathy for him because he can't get a job because he can't afford clothes because he can barely afford food, pfft I should tell him to suck it up and take the words of the lower/middle class visionary that is Kerri Anne.

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