Kindle Cloud Reader Brings Kindle Books To Firefox

Kindle Cloud Reader Brings Kindle Books To Firefox

Previously available only to Chrome and Safari users, Kindle Cloud Reader now works on Firefox, so you can read your Kindle books from within Mozilla’s browser online or offline. The web app syncs your Kindle library, as well as your bookmarks, notes, etc.

To start using your Kindle books now at from your major browser of choice (well, except IE and Opera; support for additional browsers coming soon, Amazon says).

Kindle Cloud Reader [Amazon]


  • Yes… well if kindle or any ebook seller, sold them at a price commensurate with their actual value I’d gladly jump on board! The current system sucks balls for pricing!

  • $4 to $6 per book when mass paperback are $8 to $15 per book (of the same titles).. I dunno.. pretty reasonable for me. It’s the same book, just no printing.. publishers and authors still need to get their cut.. there’s only so low you can go.

    I hope they bring support for IE8 soon, then I can sneakily read my books at work without having the Kindle on the desk.. hehe.. 🙂

  • I’m sure that must be so much more practical that dgnigrag around like 3 books in your handbag I am a big reader myself but I try to limit myself to one book at a time and I don’t think I could replace the actual book with anything like this I like the feeling too much of the book itself plus I like to read in the bathtub and I’d be to scared to drop this device!!

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