JaxtrSMS Sends Free Text Messages To Any Mobile Number

Android/iOS/Blackberry: There are lots of apps that can send "free" text messages, but most require your recipient to also have the same app. JaxtrSMS is a free service from Sabeer Bhatia, founder of Hotmail, that can send free texts to any mobile number in the world, and display it to the recipient as coming from your own phone number.

The app seems to work fine in tests on Lifehacker AU's BlackBerry; replies you receive seem to appear in the app rather than the native message client, but you can send to any number. If you've got plenty of data credit but not so much actual funding for texting on your smartphone, it could be useful. It's also a potentially appealing option for international texts, which are rarely free even on plans which offer unlimited texting.

JaxtrSMS is a free app for Android, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME, Symbian and Nokia phones. Use the link below to find the download link for your device.

JaxtrSMS [via NirmalTV]


    Whats the difference between this and viber or whatsapp which has been around for ages?

      I don't think the recipient has to have the app installed,

      Also loving the 'swype' keyboard lfehacker!

      If you actually read the article, its a real SMS not an instant message (like those apps you mentioned are really only simplified instant messaging client)

      Allows you to send sms without 3G and without the receiver to have the application installed although I prefer MJOYDROID android, this application is more tested and more stable

    If this was used overseas, would it incur a data roaming charge from the phone company?

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    Some pretty mixed reviews in the App Store...

    This thing is buggy as hell.

    When I tried to copy/paste some text from one part od the sms to another it made my text window only one line, then repeatedly would shut down.

    I fucked around for half an hour then just gave up.

    I'm yet to actually send a text using Jaxtr.

    Oh - and there's no spellcheck or autocorrect, which it turns out I really, really need if I'm using an onscreen keyboard.
    I had no idea how much I have come to rely on the iPhone autocorrect!

    Mmm, I couldn't get it to work on a BBerry Torch.

    How much data does it use?

    texting is pretty much free and unlimited in australia now.

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