Is Your Android Phone Getting Ice Cream Sandwich?

Android's upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update looks amazing, but as with all Android updates, you never really know whether your phone's going to get updated (and when). Tech blog Engadget has a list of which phones are headed for the update.

The list isn't huge right now, but they'll be keeping it updated as manufacturers release more official statements on their plans. Right now, HTC has six phones in the pipeline for Ice Cream Sandwich (and one that we know won't get it), Motorola has announced four, Samsung three, and there are a few other miscellaneous phones and tablets from other manufacturers. Given the US-centric nature of the list, it won't tell you whether local carriers will get around to updating phones, but it's a potential bookmark to add to the list if you don't plan to root your phone and install updates yourself.

Which devices will get Ice Cream Sandwich? [Engadget]


    Meaningless if there's no due date - you can wait forever for it - may as well wait for official statement regarding each specific model.

    Who is Sansung?

      A well-known electronics manufacturer and typo :) Thanks for the spot, fixed now.

    Hmm, let's see, a quote from the article, "...Given the US-centric nature of the list, it won’t tell you whether local carriers will get around to updating phones..."

    How does this help Aussie users with anything worthwhile? All well and good saying it's a potential bookmark but given the length of time Oz carriers take to update to anything this really doesn't provide any useful information.

      Honestly? This is relevant to any tech site, even if it's not-so focused around Aus. Better yet, take it as a guide: basically, the manufactures are also saying "these devices -can- run ICS", which is good if your device is supported, but your carrier is taking forever -- you know that if you go off and install an ICS ROM for your device (CyanogenMod is a good example here), that you've got the hardware to back the software (despite the fact that any ROM for your device would be optimised by the devs. to work properly).

    which htc wont be getting ics?

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