Internode Planning Mobile Phone Offering

Internode is a favourite amongst Lifehacker readers for broadband services. Soon you might have the option of getting your mobile connection through it as well, with the ISP planning to offer a branded mobile service within six months.

Andrew Colley at AustralianIT reports Internode hopes to launch a SIM-only service before the middle of next year. That approach of selling rebranded mobile services has already been adopted by other second-tier ISPs such as iiNet and TPG.

Internode hasn't named which network it would purchase the service from, but Optus seems the most likely contender, given Internode already uses Optus for its 3G broadband offering. (To date, Telstra hasn't made Next G available as a wholesale option for other providers, though it has said it will consider doing so.)

The Internode 3G broadband offering isn't the cheapest on the market, so it will be interesting to see if customers will be happy to pay extra for the company's well-regarded customer service. I'd also assume that Internode will aggressively try and bundle mobile with other options such as ADSL or NBN services. Would you be tempted by an Internode-branded mobile service? Would the lack of a bundled handset be a dealbreaker? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Internode plan to enter mobile marketplace [AustralianIT]


    I would happily try Internode so long they use Telstra and not optus.

      I agree with AngryPeanut, I recently asked why node were offering their $19.95 mobile data plan (using optus) with 1.5gb of data when optus were offering the same but with 2gb. they cried about how their profit margins are so low and how they dont even make any money on some products.

        I'm sure they didn't 'cry' about it, just as I'm sure there are products they do make a loss on. Internode's prices have always been slightly higher than other providers, and customers have come to EXPECT that from them, in return for premium customer service, amongst other benefits. I don't understand why you felt it necessary to slog them for it?

    I'm absolutely interested in this, Internode's amazing customer service, bundled with their exceptional other features (Internode radio, which I use everyday) is a huge selling point for me.

    Customer service for telco's in Australia is renowned for being some of the worst out of any industry. Also internode running on the Optus network (ie. not Vodafone) is a big plus too.

    Can't wait.

    I'd happily switch to internode for my mobile service - I already have my home phone, ADLS and iPad data plan with them so I assume I'd get a good deal for adding the mobile to the bundle and I am impressed by their service and range of offerings so would be happy never to have to deal with the telcos again directly. My current contract is sude to expire in January but I'm going to hold off upgrading now...will wait to see what Internode offers and hoepfully will be able to switch over - will be worth buying a phone outright as I'm not someone who upgrades all the time.

    VERY keen to see this happen, but only on the telstra 4g network. im on optus, my partner on vodaphone, and we each continually have the hassle of trying to get reception. Telstra charge through the nose, so combining it with my already bundled internet and home phone would surely see some savings for me. Do Want.

    Provided the bundle offers good value I'd give it a go. I already have Home ADSL and phone plans bundled with them.

    Sign me up. I'd happily give up telstras coverage if it lets me bundle my internet and mobile phone together. Looking forward to this. =)

    Optus? What is internode thinking? I might as well sign up to a rock because that's the kind of reception i will be getting with both....NOTHING!

    I have my ADSL2+ with Internode and they're great, however as much as I love Node I simply would NOT migrate back to a mobile service that runs on the Optus network.

    I made the switch from Optus to Telstra about a year ago, and the difference is amazing. I get excellent 3G data speeds everywhere, whereas previously my fancy iPhone was often rendered 'dumb' due to Optus' 3G failing to penetrate buildings.

    As an example, the girl at the desk next to me has an iPhone 4 also, only she is with Optus where as I'm with Telstra. She frequently asks me to turn on my hot spot so she can send WhatsApp messages. I don't know why but Optus 3G simply doesn't penetrate buildings the way that Telstra 3G does.

    If Node were to resell the Next G network I'd be super keen for some sort of bundle, but as noted in the article Telstra are not wholesaling access to it.......yet.

    I will be very interested to see their offerings. I already love Internode for their broadband and home phone package. I especially love iview, use it everyday.

    Another Node customer here and I'd also only sign up if they go with Telstra. I just switched from Optus to Telstra last week and the difference is astounding. I used to think the phone might be dodgy because internet connectivity rarely worked. On Telstra I get full bars almost everywhere and connected apps work beautifully.

    I used to be a internode customer and was on agile and they started to blame telstra, that was the last straw

    Telstra should remember Internode will complain to the accc, if they dont get their fair share of profits.

    No one can blame telstra if they refuse to offer companies like internode, who bags them yet happy to make a profit ,
    Like on agile when its working sweet Internode takes all the credit of thier network.

    Yet when there is a problem internode blames telstra, so how can this be, if it working good telstra gets no credit, when their is a fault telstra gets blame

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