If You Must, The ABC Has Some News Printer Apps

I've always found HP's printer apps — which download data directly to the printer so you can print stuff — to be pointless and buggy, but they keep on building them regardless. The ABC has launched two new printer apps for HP devices, one offering general news and the other tied in with its venerable Behind The News analysis show for kids.

I still can't help feeling that news is better delivered to a smart phone than by faux-printing a newspaper, but that admittedly might not be the case with primary-age children. If you've got an ePrint-equipped printer and are tempted for some reason, hit the links below for more details.

ABC News

ABC Behind The News


    Haha, this article got a chuckle out of me. Gotta love articles where even the author can't contain just how uninteresting the subject is.

    "Something happened. People yawned. Crickets chirped. Tumbleweed... did it's thing."

    Yeah I'm guessing that it's aimed at schoolchildren not jaded technology writers.

    As a cynical teacher, I wouldn't be surprised if the DET has done a deal with HP. I will laugh my arse off if schools suddenly become inundated with HP printers. The way the Department has handled the Digital Education Revolution (DER as opposed to DIR - just say it out loud and you will get it) and the Buidling Education Revolution has been extortionately ridiculous and a waste of tax payers money.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for HP printers in my school (and my wife's school... yeah... family of teachers... I pity our children).

    So great- the ABC launches this, that will benefit a few people, and yet we still don't have any ABC Android apps. Way to go...

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