Google Reader Rolls Out A New Google Plus-Integrated Interface

Google Reader is following in the footsteps of Gmail, Docs, and Voice with a clean new interface, that's easier to use and contains integration with the Google+ social network.

If you use Google Docs or the new Gmail preview, you'll be very familiar with Reader's new interface. Everything is very white and clean, with a single search bar across the top and red buttons to denote the service's main features. Reader has also replaced "Liking" a story with "+1", and when you +1 a story, you have the option to share it with any of your circles on Google+. This replaces the old "following", "friending", and "sharing" features of Reader and rolls them into the new social network instead. Head on over to Google Reader to check out the new changes, or hit the link below to read more on Google's blog.

Note that the new interface is still rolling out, so if you don't see it, check back periodically throughout the day. Google says everyone should have it by this evening.

New in Reader: a fresh design, and Google+ sharing [Google Reader Blog]


    I really don't like it. It feels chunky and slow. I don't know if it'll even be usable on my netbook (which the old one is, somewhat).

    Once again Google have ruined a good service.

    It looks horrible - the whitespace takes up so much space they can't fit anywhere as many articles on the page they could before.

    White and clean = hard on the eyes - I have to darken my monitor or wear sun glasses to look at it now.

      Could not agree more...

      Too much white space

    Arrrggghhh - Totally sucks on my 1024x600 Netbook - So much wasted vertical space! It's like reading my feeds through a little tiny viewing slot.

    I hate it as well. Even with the firefox addon bettergreader it is just silly. so much empty space at the top of the screen.

    I am going to look for another reader today.

    If you Adblock Plus with Element Hiding and just block as much as you can, you'll reclaim some of the space, but it still looks quite horrid.

    Just to be different... I love it, nice integration with the house style, easy send to G+, not much more I need in an RSS reader.

    They really need to add an option to modify the display density, like they did in Google Docs.

    I'm also a little disappointed in the half-assed Google+ integration. When they said they were ditching the existing social features in favour of G+ integration, I was expecting something a little more elaborate than a mere +1 button.

    As it stands now, there's no way to share an article with just a few people, since +1's are all public.

    I haven't used it much yet, but I do like it... but it needs tweaking.

    I got used to the extra whitespace in gmail and calendar, but I'm afraid it'll be more of a problem in Reader.

    Also, I think the sharing needs work. I'm glad they integrated it into G+ (and got rid of Buzz), but it needs to be done better. Why on earth do you need to +1 something to share it, for one?

    I agree about the whitespace in that huge bar at the top; you should be able to fit more than a couple of one-paragraph posts on a 24" monitor. I like my feed list so toggling fullscreen with 'f' isn't perfect.

    That said, I do like the new look in general and I'm cautiously optimistic about replacing the social side of things with google+.

    It's bloody awful!
    Gmail and Calendar were nice but this just looks terrible.

    The pop-up said it was designed for "less clutter" - but there is more white space 'clutter'! The fonts are bigger, the white space more, the header takes far too much space with button margins far too big. The result is opposite to what they state to be aiming for - less screen real estate.

    Integration with G+ - couldn't they have just changed the 'share' button to a G+ button? I would have thought it would have been reasonably easy to allow to migrate existing shared options to G+ shared? Surely it's just a single database query. I've been using the Google Reader since the first week it came out and loved it, and started sharing early. It's a pity not to be able to migrate that history to the new platform.
    I'm disappointed.

    I miss the wonderful "like" button and that is IT. No silly little +1 button is going to make up for me (just me, as that's all I use it for) being able to see posts I liked recently. Grrr.

    I was wondering why I'm not getting any recommendations, but obviously it's because I'm not liking anything. I'm not a sharer though, and I don't do Google Plus, so I guess I'll just have to find things on my own.

    Google Reader Absolutely Customizable userscript -
    Fixed most of my issues with the new interface. Most importantly it removes all the wasted white space. :)

    Ignoring the incredible amount of whitespace at the top, I like the new interface of reader and gmail. However, the whitespace at the top completely destroys the user experience.

    The problem is that there are two bars (3 including the site bar at the top) that are extremely padded. I don't mind the padding, the problem is that the two bars take up a huge amount of space.

    For gmail, the Mail dropdown could be merged with the gmail logo. Likewise, the search field could be moved into the blank space on the action bar below. This would improve the space issue for gmail.

    For greader, you could move the controls to the right of Subscribe to the section title bar (the one that says "All items") and have them aligned on the right (the buttons are roughly the same height as the title bar). The subscribe button could be moved to the far right of the search/logo bar. This would improve the space issue with greader.

    It's not even Google+ Integrated. I share a lot of articles with fellow geeks.. well used to.. it's now Cumbersome to do and have to have reader AND Google+ open now to see all the information.

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