Google Music Exits Beta, But Still US-Only

Google's Music service, which enables you to upload and stream your own music collection, has ended its invite-only period and is now allowing anyone to sign up. Anyone, that is, who resides in the United States. There's no option for Australian users yet.

If you visit the Google Music site from Australia, you're still greeted with this message:

While you could potentially work around this using a VPN, it seems that Google is facing the same issue as Apple's iTunes Match: the need to negotiate global licensing agreements. That affects both the streaming service and its new Android-based music store. Grrr.


    I used ultravpn (which is free) to set up my account and download the software. Once that's done you can use the service like normal without using any proxy.. It's awesome!

      You don't even need to use the VPN to download Google Music. As soon as you've linked your Google account to Google Music, you're good to go.

      Having said that, it's not awesome. I've been thoroughly disappointed by the service and its Android app.

    I seem to remember just using a proxy website to sign myself up, if anyone would like though I think I still have 8 invites handy? Just reply if you'd like one.

      If you have them handy, I would love one! I've tried using the proxy websites and VPNs but they didn't work... Very saddening...

    Vpn worked for me for sign up during beta stage.

    ...yet? It will never be available. Just like every other online US music service.

    I also used a VPN to sign up, and am happily using now at work to listen to music I've uploaded from home using the VPN. Unfortunately, the new service asks you to have a US credit card to obtain material, including free material from the store. Enjoying it very much, though.

    I used a VPN called DroidVPN when I registered to Google music and after registration I can already download music without the VPN :) Cool

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