Google Chrome's Newest Beta Enables Multiple Accounts

Chrome: The newest version of the Google Chrome beta introduces multiple account syncing, a feature many users have been requesting for a while.The primary use for the feature is to let multiple users who share a computer easily swap out accounts, but Google notes in its post that the new feature doesn't have any security options, so it's meant primarily as a tool to quickly swap interfaces for people who already share a computer. Of course, it will also be handy for those who use multiple accounts for work or personal use. You can download the beta from the official blog post below. To try it out for yourself, you'll need to enable it under Options (or Preferences) >Personal Stuff > Add new user.

Take your Chrome stuff with you in the new Chrome Beta [Google Chrome Blog via Read Write Web]


    I'm not sure where all the "many users have been requesting" are hiding but when this feature was partially introduced a couple months ago, the beta users were up in arms AGAINST it.

    i just dont see the point... this is why all computers OSs have user accounts integrated already, hopefully you can turn the option off when its properly released

    i use ie when i want to use my non google related gmail account

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