Get SMS Delivery Confirmations On Your Jailbroken iPhone Pushed To You

If you've ever texted from an area with spotty cell reception, you'll notice that the iPhone doesn't tell you if an SMS failed — it just expects you to check back in a few minutes to confirm the message went through. That's annoying. With SMSConfirmation, you can get notifications that your message actually has been sent.

I would imagine it'd get equally annoying to get delivery notifications for every single text you ever send, which is what's going to happen, because SMSConfirmation doesn't have an on-off switch. To disable it you have to completely uninstall the Cydia tweak. Still, if you're often losing texts and having to go back and re-send them, it's very useful.

SMSConfirmation: Get Push Notifications For SMS Delivery Report On iPhone [Addictive Tips]


    Is that like a delivery notification on other phones that costs credit? Or is it all within the phone?

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