Foxtel Remote App Now Lets You Change Channels

A small but potentially useful update: Foxtel's apps for iOS and Android now include a channel changer feature, letting you use your phone or tablet to select a particular channel.

The update adds a 'Change Channel' button to program information pages, so if you located something you fancy while browsing on your device, you can switch directly to it. Grab either version from the links below.




    I have my foxtel box setup so that I can watch it in several different rooms, via a HDMI matrix, so the ability to change channels via the foxtel IOS software is something I have been waiting for ages for. Great to finally have it!

      Don't those things include an IR extender anyway? Struggling to understand the logic here.

      hi muzz, wondering if u tried this and if it works? i assume you can change channel from any location and dont need to be in front of your tv? looked everywhere online and cannot confirm this anywhere. im currently abroad but keen to get home and try this out. i too have hdmi splitter setup and 1 unit goes to my living room (iq2hd setup here) also my bedroom and my projector in the shed. i really hope this channel change thing works from anywhere, but hop more foxtel dont start losin revenue on extra boxes and remove this feature altogether . . . .

    This is awesome. Now you can switch from one channel of garbage to another. How about the powers that be at Foxtel seek to provide some content worth watching?

    What about Austar...?

      Not with this app. If the Foxtel/Austar merger ever happens, I imagine there'll be a unified app pool but it will take a while.

        Thanks for the reply. Are there any updates on the merger? Or any news on either Foxtel/Austar offering IPTV-type streaming of their channels for PC, like they now are with the Xbox Live platform?

    Does it require a home phone line connected to the foxtel box?

    It's funny to watch people freak out

    Haven't tryd it yet,ill give it a,go

    The apple app called peanut is a foxtel remote.. also worth a look

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