Find The Best Items On The Menu With Oink

New app Oink aims to fill a gap in the location-based review services where, instead of rating places, you rate the things inside those place, so you always get the best experience.

Oink is a community-driven review service in which reviewers — called "Builders" — can rate the things inside any restaurant or other attraction, so you end up getting the best that place has to offer. You can search by category — for example, "breakfast" or "sushi" — or just head to a nearby restaurant and see what the top menu items are.

If you like it, you can rank it yourself in Oink, thus contributing to the app's accuracy for others. It's a very clever approach to location-based review services, even if — like the rest of them — it requires people to use it before it becomes useful. Check out the video above to see it in action, or head right to the App Store and download it below.

Oink is a free download for iOS only.

Oink [iTunes App Store]


    The folks from Live Local want to help any Oinkers who want to save their Oinks. Per Tom Nguyen, Community Manager "With a simple, one step Oink-to-Taap Import Tool located at , former Oinkers can convert their painstakingly accrued Oinks into Taaps, and continue rating specific things inside places.

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