Easily Refill Travel Toothpaste Tubes With The Help Of Sugru

Easily Refill Travel Toothpaste Tubes With The Help Of Sugru

Travel-sized toothpaste tubes are almost a necessity when travelling, but you can end up wasting money over the years if you keep buying new ones every time you go on vacation. For just a few bucks, however, Instructables user EnergyHandman created a tube refiller and you can too with a little sugru and two toothpaste caps.

If you’re not familiar, sugru is a substance that starts off like modelling clay that turns into a flexible silicone overnight when exposed to air. It’s really useful when making custom things like this travel toothpaste filler. You only need one packet, which costs about $1.66, a drill, and two extra toothpaste caps. Once you’ve got those, you basically just need to drill holes in the top of each toothpaste cap and combine them with sugru. Once the sugru finishes curing (24 hours later), you just need to screw one end to a big tube of toothpaste and the other end to a little one and squeeze until the little one is full again. That’s it! Now you don’t have to waste money buying new travel-sized toothpaste tubes every time you go on vacation.



  • Look… it’s a reasonable idea, but Sugru is not cheap, you have to order it from OS and why do you need a separate travel toothpaste tube? You can buy small tubes for a couple of buck, which is about what it costs for a sachet of Sugru!

  • For goodness sake… toothpaste has got to be cheaper than Sugru… and who has the time for that stuff. If you are able to travel, you can afford little tubes of toothpaste.

  • Wow, 4 idiots in a row totally missing the point of this article…

    I frequently travel for work – no less than 3 week-long trips in the last 4 weeks, and this is actually a godsend.

    Sure, if you’re only worried about your one trip away a year, then you’re right, but that’s not the point.

    • Right. four idiots and a wanker named Jackson, who can’t see a perfectly reasonable alternative to using Sugru, for someone who doesn’t travel regularly!

      • Agreed. Seriously, the sheer volume of crap articles on Lifehacker these days is bad enough without also regularly syndicating US Lifehacker articles with nigh on absolutely no relevance here… like all the Sugru ‘stories’.

    • The syringe idea.

      I use that for my travel sized shampoo/soaps. I travel a lot and never stay in hotels that provide those types of things so saves a lot of lugging unnecessary stuff around.

      The tooth paste idea, I just don’t know. I may ask my dentist if he has any spare little ones first.

  • yeah, ive tried this and it pretty much fails. the air pressure in the smaller tube prevents the toothpaste from entering.

    ive had syringes lying around for ages (part of my first aid kit extras) and im pretty sure thats the best damn idea ever. this article wasnt a waste after all!

  • Chris – I you need to rethink your method.
    The small tube needs to be empty and no air inside.

    I refill by removing the caps from an empty small tuba and a full large tube, placing them together and putting a few wraps of electricians tape (much cheaper than sugru) and just squeeze to fill!

  • just hold them together and squeeze. Been doing that for years since Qantas started with the little colgate tubes. Not rocket sceince. If you don’t have them correctly aligned you lose some but stop squeezing, line up and try again. Sugru pfft.

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