Dolphin Browser For iOS Adds Cross-Platform Bookmark Sync

Today Dolphin released an update to its popular mobile web browser for iOS, adding the ability to sync bookmarks across devices. This is especially great because not only can you sync your iDevices,you can share that data between iOS and Android as well.The update also includes enhancements to Dolphin's Webzine service and the usual bug fixes. Check out the Dolphin blog for the full details.

Dolphin is Now 10 Million Users Strong: Disney World Trip Giveaway and iOS Release With Dolphin Connect! [Dolphin Blog]


    I swear every update they make I like their product less.

    They have removed full screen mode, which is the REASON I downloaded it to begin with.

    The previous update had a strange text bug that prevents you from seeing your text until you stop typing which still has not been addressed.

    The new "feature" of only having the pull out menus work when you drag from the side makes sense, when you are zoomed in, or are editing text. When you are not zoomed in however pressing the bookmarks button is just as fast so what is the point?

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