Discount Store Cleaning Supplies Are Just As Good

Discount Store Cleaning Supplies Are Just As Good

Walking the line between “cheap” and “good” at discount stores can be a challenge, but two places you can’t go wrong are cleaning supplies and paper products (for cleaning, anyway). Good Housekeeping notes that in most cases you’ll get a great bargain on a product that’s as good as its more expensive supermarket cousins, but caution is required.

Paper products and cleaning supplies are some of the few products that Good Housekeeping notes are probably just as good at discount stores as they are elsewhere. They advise caution when buying food products without checking to make sure the seals are tight and there’s an expiration date printed on it — preferably one that hasn’t passed. They also suggest you can score a deal on extension cords and power strips and spend a fraction of what you would buying online or heading to the department store. All in all however, cleaning products and paper towels are your best bets. You may get brands that are a little diluted when compared to their big name cousins, but they still get the job done and cost a fraction of the price.

What do you pick up at the dollar store instead of the department store? Share some of your bargain hunting tips in the comments.

Photo by Steve Snodgrass.

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  • Bleach, detergent, toilet cleaner are the same no matter where they are purchased. One thing I will not buy cheaper is dishwashing liquid- the cheaper variety is like water.

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