Dealhacker: Refurb Amazon Kindle From Big W For $99

Dealhacker: Refurb Amazon Kindle From Big W For $99

Big W has copped flak in the past for selling the Kindle for more than Amazon itself, but this isn’t a bad deal for the local market: a refurbished Kindle with keyboard for $99 — $60 less than a brand-new version (and you still get a 12-month warranty). [Big W via TopBargains via Gizmodo]


  • these refurbs look like a new product, nothing would suggest it is refurbished!
    so if you are holding out cause it might have a scratch or something, don’t worry, LIKE NEW! sealed box and all

    • Does that include the box? i.e. if you were giving it as a gift do you think they’d be able to tell?

      Personally I’d have no problem, but hey, some (as in my intended recipient) might.


  • I’d love to hear from book lovers about the reading experience on one of these. I really enjoy reading from paper, and hate the light / glare from staring at a backlit LCD screen (which I do for my day job already).

    Is it easy on the eyes? Is it tiring after a mammoth reading session? How is it to hold the kindle? Comfortable in your hands? How is it changing the page, instant?

    • The screen is more or less identical to reading from paper. It’s not an LCD, and it isn’t back-lit, so it’s just as easy on the eyes as paper. The books on the Kindle store are also far cheaper than physical copies, so it pays for itself pretty quickly.

    • E-ink page refreshes are not instant like on an lcd device, but are faster than turning a physical page. About one second. It certainly won’t break your stride when reading as you need that 1 second to get your eyes to the top of screen ready for the next page.

    • It’s pretty damn good. I bought one thinking I wouldn’t use it, but now I barely read paper books at all. The lightness of it means I can read it one-handed in bed easily, and having dozens of books in one device saves a lot of room when travelling. It fits in my pocket, but my pockets tend to be largish.

      The screen is very close to paper and you stop noticing the screen refresh quickly, but the unexpected portability is what finally hooked me.

      • Bit late on this, but I agree with everyone else. Like you I loved the physical book and the idea of reading from a screen turned me off but a friend bought one and showed me and I was sold.
        It is exactly like a book except it’s thinner and you can carry thousands of books at once.

        I went overseas and read a couple of books during my team and it is great not to have that extra weight added. Even better is that I usually get headaches if I tried to read in a car but no problems with the Kindle.

        I couldn’t recommend it more.

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