Build Your Own Pocket-Sized Espresso Machine

The urge for a good cup of espresso might come at any moment without warning, which is why Instructables user urant decided the best solution would be to build a tiny, pocket sized espresso machine for less than $30.When planning the process, urant decided early on the build would be restricted to parts available at any hardware store, so you'll be able to get everything you need without venturing too far. The bulk of it uses copper plumbing parts, a soldering iron and a syringe. It's an in-depth little project, but by the end of it you'll be able to carry around an espresso machine with you everywhere you go. Everything you need, including blueprints, instructions, and photos, is available on Instructables.

Pocket size Espresso Machine with integrated alcohol stove [Instructables]


    Soldering iron?
    I hope he's using Lead-Free solder! and even then, I'm not convinced that solder is going to be the best solution for
    1) food safety
    2) resisting heat and keeping a seal

      Copper plumping is done with silver solder. It is food safe and rated for over 400C to melt it.
      As for keeping seal, sliver solder can hold at least 10 Bars of pressure which is plenty for what he is doing.

      I would suggest using a map gas torch instead of a soldering iron to get a more even flow of the solder. It can be done with a soldering iron if it is decent quality and you have lots of time

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