Records Voice Notes On Any Phone

iOS/Android: If you like recording audio messages for yourself to help you remember important details, or you just want to send your friends something more personal than a text message, allows you to record short voice messages and send them to anyone in your contacts list instantly.

Once installed, the mobile app connects with your contacts list to make it easier to send messages as soon as you record them. Just select the person you want to send the message to, press the "hold and speak" button on your phone's screen and speak your message. When you let up off of the button, the message is immediately sent to your contact. If your friend is also using the app, incoming voice messages can be played aloud via speaker or when you bring the phone up to your ear. The developers market the app like a push-to-talk walkie-talkie, but it's really just another fun way to record and send voice messages to your friends.

The app works just as well if you want to send yourself short voice messages or record voice notes for your own use, but it's fun to combine the ability to record personal notes with the ability to send voice notes. is free, and available now in the Android App Market and the iTunes App Store.


    windows phone? oh not any phone....

    ANY Phone?????????
    Not Windows Phone, Not Blackberry, Not Symbian, Not Bada, Not Meego (actually ONLY TWO PHONE SYSTEMS)

    Get your facts straight or don't bother reporting

      You just the boss hu

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