Bing Australia Dumps Beta Tag

Microsoft's search engine Bing launched in Australia back in June 2009. We still don't have many of the features of the US version for Australian users, but Microsoft says the site's results are now relevant enough to locals to justify removing the 'beta' tag from the site.

Bing now has around 7 per cent of the Australian market according to Nielsen NetRatings, which means it is well and truly dwarfed by Google. Since its original launch, it has added a handful of features aimed at Australian users, such as movie times and SUNA traffic information. However, despite its stated goal of providing relevant and localised answers rather than just links, it still misses some fairly obvious tricks: for instance, you can't type in "Brisbane time" and find out the correct, non-DST time, something Google has long managed.

Grown to love Bing since its launch, or still seeking your search service elsewhere? Tell us in the comments.


    I still rely on Google AU only as the results seem to be much more relevant to what I'm searching for. Bing still seems 'flakey' to me but that's only my opinion!

    i try and go to google AU and it keeps kicking me over to US cause I have this google + thing connected...
    it is shitting me, but I have Bingle for searches

    I've been forcing myself to use bing a lot lately (making it default search on my iphone) and when I recently reinstalled windows i installed firefox with bing. Personally i haven't noticed a difference from using google I seem to still get what I'm looking for but sometimes it just doesn't work and I go over to google and find it. so its not perfect...yet

    There's not really any reason to stop using Google in favour of Bing, the only noticeable difference is that Bing has a photo on the homepage everyday.

    I've been using Bing since it came out mainly so one company wouldn't hold a record of all my search history and I was sick of Google's bland white style - so 2004 don't cha know. I do enjoy the Bing homepage photo everyday and can't resist mousing over the photo for the information nuggets.

    One thing that Google does better than Bing is conversions, when I enter 38 feet Google calculates it to be 11 metres - Bing doesn't. I was surprised to hear Bing tries to "provide relevant and localised answers rather than just links" I feel Google does a better job at this

    Dunno why but I'm forcing myself to use Bing too. Kinda getting sick of the way Google is excluding search items because it "thinks" it knows what I want already.

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