Beware Fake Classifieds For Smartphones And Tablets

Seen an ad on eBay/in the Trading Post/in your local paper for an impossibly cheap mobile phone or tablet? The SCAMwatch service is reporting a rise in the number of scam ads for these products, where sellers advertise goods, collect payment and then never send them out.

It's no surprise that scammers are aiming at these mobile devices: between their general popularity and launch shortages on some models, there's a ripe market for exploitation. So remember the basic rule: if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If the ad is from a private seller in a paper, be very suspicious; if it's on eBay, check the sellers reputation and comments, and avoid any newly-established sellers. Hit the SCAMwatch site for more hints on avoiding these dodgy dealers.



    Paying via Paypal, available with most ebay sales, provides some protection in the event of the transaction going wrong

    Going cheap. Acer Iconia 32gb new in box. 1000 available. $99 each. Txt me if interested.

    I recall seeing comment from somebody that was stung that Paypal gives zero protection if the funds recipient has withrawn the funds before a complaint is lodged. It is worth checking the T&Cs.

      If its an ebay transaction its safe, i brought automotive parts for 2.5k and didnt get them, the guy lied with wrong information and disapeared a day later so filed paypal dispute, got refund not long later. So the person probably pulled the funds out and took off but Paypal compensated.

      However im a seller on gumtree/firespirts and i do get people asking if they can send funds to my account and ask to post items to them insecurely time to time!Like Gift Paypal payment or just EFT. Of course i post them with insurance.

        "So the person probably pulled the funds out" ... you don't disprove my warning... you have no idea here if the person withdrew the the funds before your objection. See here:

    The number one thing that people fall for here is that the seller asks for payment via Wire Transfer or Bank Deposit. If you insist on Paypal you can dispute the payment with Paypal.. and yes, even if it is through Paypal, if it's not on eBay then you're leaving yourself open for scams too.

    Just FYI for anybody reading these comments, I used to live with a person whom we discovered had sold a fake expensive handbag on Ebay. Paypal disputes were raised through ebay with her transactions and they got every cent back from her (and probably more).

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