Better Pop Up Blocker Stops Javascript Pop-Ups In Chrome

Better Pop Up Blocker Stops Javascript Pop-Ups In Chrome

Chrome: Google Chrome’s built in pop up blocker is very good, but on occasion a pop up gets through, mostly Javascript pop ups from photo and video hosting sites or online poker sites. The free extension Better Pop Up Blocker stops these easily.

To see if your current pop up blocking solution will handle these intrusions, go to this test page and follow the instructions. Better Pop Up Blocker can of course allow pop ups from a “whitelist” you can customise.

I rarely bother with supplemental pop up blockers since Chrome itself does a good job of filtering out 95% of pop ups, but now that I have Better Pop Up Blocker installed I’ve noticed that a few pop ups that got through Chrome are being stopped by Better Pop Up Blocker. This extension looks like a keeper.

Better Pop Up Blocker is a free extension available in the Chrome Web Store.

Better Pop Up Blocker [via TechDows]


    • I’ve got nothing against ads, i don’t block them but there are 2 kinds of ads that can drive me to stop vising a website.

      1) Popups/Popunders because they are extremely annoying and break workflow.
      2) Flash ads that either expand or play sound without explicit permission from me (often flash ads expand when rolling over with the mouse and i can often end up clicking them by accident when i move a smidge to far and move back and click on the link i wanted but the ad has exanded to take up that area). Or my speakers are on and loud then i have to find which of the 20tabs i have open are playing an obnoxious ad.

      3) to a lesser extent any moving ad bugs me, because it keeps stealing my focus so im almost 100% unlikely to click it out of protest (eg that god damn QUMI ad right next to this comment box keeps bugging me but the dlink powerline one isnt soo bad until you roll over [see #2].

    • Let the people who don’t know what they’re doing look at all the ads that keep free sites free. The rest of us should be able to block them if they’re annoying!

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