Best Mobile Broadband Lifehacker Award Winners

Almost half the Australians who access the Internet use mobile broadband some of the time. But who is the provider of choice? We reveal the reader and editor winners for best mobile broadband.

Readers' Choice: Telstra

Telstra's Next G services remain more expensive than its rivals, but this appears to be a case where we're all willing to pay a little more to get a service with better reliability. There's some evidence that performance has dropped a little as Next G has grown in popularity, but Telstra continued to expand and enhance its network through 2011, including the introduction of 4G services for data in capital cities and a bunch of regional areas.

Editor's Pick: Telstra

I suspect that I have tested Telstra's mobile networks in more places than anyone who doesn't actually paid by Telstra to do it. And while it's easy to identify problems — regional coverage gaps, the occasional weird issue at airports (though that one got fixed), and software that remains buggy and unpredictable — it's still, overwhelmingly, the mobile broadband service I want when I'm on the road in Australia.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! You can still vote in the remaining open categories, and we'll have more results throughout the week.


    "more places than anyone who doesn't actually paid"
    ...uh .. huh.

    Not terribly surprised, I guess this sort of justifies Telstra's obscene pricing.

    "who doesn’t actually paid by Telstra to do it."

    isn't not doesn't

    but yer.. it's kinda always something we know.. Telstra is expensive but it's the most robust.

    Telstra is the winner, I want to know who is the worst.

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