Best Mobile App Lifehacker Award Winners

Best Mobile App Lifehacker Award Winners

There are thousands of mobile apps out there, but which are the ones we can’t live without? We reveal the reader and editor winners for best mobile app.

Readers’ Choice: Dropbox

Dropbox was a definite contender in our best desktop software category, but in the mobile world it completely swept the field. Knowing that you can access your files from literally any device is helpful in ways that are hard to imagine before you start doing it. To make the most of your Dropbox experience, don’t forget to work through our guide on getting extra free space.

Editor’s Pick: Tasker

It might be Android-only and you can’t have it for free, but Tasker’s awesome ability to automate virtually any process on your Android phone makes it one of the most sensible investments you can make as an Android owner. Whether you use the many existing profiles or write your own, it gives you total control over your phone experience. If this app ever goes multi-platform, it will rule the world.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! You can still vote in the remaining open categories, and we’ll have more results throughout the week.


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