Best ADSL/Cable ISP Lifehacker Award Winners

The ISP category is always closely fought, and this year was no exception. Who won the reader and editor awards for best ADSL/cable ISP?

Readers' Choice: Internode

You could argue that Internode hasn't had the most stellar year, despite turning 20. Changes in the pricing of some of its services proved unpopular with some customers, and its initial announcement of NBN pricing led to widespread criticism, though that pricing proved to be mostly a political ploy and was later adjusted. But clearly those minor kerfuffles didn't matter to Internode's happy user base, who continue to value the ISP for its range of plans, useful extras and exemplary record in customer service.

Editor's Pick: iiNet

Only a handful of votes separated iiNet from Internode, so it would have been extremely churlish to award the other prize to anyone else. iiNet's appeal to its customers is particularly impressive given its continued growth. Key developments during the year have included offerings for the NBN, a move into Android phones and a run of acquisitions.

A note for the curious: the results at Gizmodo were rather different, with TPG taking the top spot.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! You can still vote in the remaining open categories, and we'll have more results throughout the week.


    I think you need to factor in price. I realise that it is useless calling TPG tech support, but the price is right.

      But if I want customer support then the price with TPG is NOT right - that's why I switched to Internode 2 years go. A service I can't use because there's no tech support available then I considered I was paying a lot of money for nothing at all

        I'm an Internode customer but I didn't vote for them. I really think they've missed the mark with their price points lately. iiNet must be doing something right to be constantly growing their business.

        I've never been impressed by any ISPs customer service. When I ring TPG they give me the information I need to get moving again and that's all I need. When I report a problem on their forums, it gets attention and that's all I need..

        I'm not sure what people want from their customer service.. but at the end of the day as long as I have access to my internet at a consistent speed with a reasonable price.. I am happy.

    I have no experience with internode or TPG, but iinet's customer service is terrific. I particularly like their call back service, the fact that the call centre staff can be understood and that they are helful and not trying to shove upgrades down your throat all the time.

      +1 - that's why we're with iinet. Extremely helpful when we moved house, too, unlike pretty much every other internet provider.

    Now if iiNet were to buy Internode, would that be a good thing?

    been with TPG for years, never ever had a problem with their tech support...if anything,i find them extremely willing to help (disclaimer: i work with lawyers so i practice good patience)

    how many times do you need to call customer service in your 2 year contract ?

    Also considering the latest news around Telcos policing piracy, TPG just shot to the front

    TPG are one of those companies that 50% love and the rest hate. The price is right, bit lile I experienced when there is a problem you have to call up multiple times to get anything done, if the fix isn't easy, they cancel your account without a cancellation fee and tell you to go elsewhere

    Well I had an AWFUL time this year with Internode service, but there wasn't an option on the voting for a NEG.

    iinet don't provide high speed services to the vast majority of their customers. Therefore I don't understand how they could possibly win.

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