Asana Is A Free Project Management And Collaboration Tool

Asana Is A Free Project Management And Collaboration Tool

If you’re looking for a tool to help you keep your projects organised, especially if you work on those projects with other people, Asana is a new web app that can help you keep on top of your to-dos, get updates from other people helping you, and capture everything you and your team are doing in one place so everyone can refer to it quickly.The developers of Asana definitely had groups and teams in mind when they built the tool. You can use it to keep track of your own responsibilities and projects, and it has a number of powerful tools like categories, dependent tasks and sub-projects to help you stay organised but still see everything you have going on in one place. However, it really shines when you have a group of people to collaborate with.

Asana gives your team a single place to see everyone’s to-dos, related documents, notes and conversations. Instead of emailing files and endless debate threads in your inbox, your team can visit Asana to discuss tasks and review documents together. Everyone else can see updates in real-time, assign each other tasks, and mark their to-dos complete when they’re finished.

Asana is free for individuals and teams of up to 30 users. The service just launched its public beta today, but it’s been in private beta working out the kinks for several months now. If you’re looking for a to-do manager that can help you herd the cats in your office or just organise an event that requires input from multiple people, it’s worth a try.

Do you have a preferred tool for managing projects with groups? Let us know in the comments below.



  • I’m Jumping on the ASANA bandwagon. Lifehacker, one of my favorite sites, has a great article on all the pros. I think it even includes a better demo than what’s on the official site. In a nutshell, ASANA is free, and can be used to solve diverse problems because the information stored about each task is customizable and can be reported on. 

    I’ll compare this Task management tool to 3 other ones I like and tell you why it’s better:

    -Both ASANA and Omni allow you to make projects and sub projects 
    -ASANA is SHARED. Omni is geared for individual task tracking-desktop software 
    -Omni is MAC-compatible

    =Basecamp(37 signals)=
    -Basecamp is Online project management software, especially good for having public analysis discussions. 
    -ASANA allows you to more easily add different workspaces for different permissions within the company. When you want to hide projects from certain viewers on Basecamp, permissions are more complex.  YOU WOULDN’T TRACK YOUR OWN TO-DOs on Basecamp!
    -ASANA allows you to track customized info about tasks (add your own fields, add followers to a “task feed”) Basecamp has set fields about a task. 
    -Basecamp has pretty graphics to view tasks and milestones in calendar view. I suppose you could enter a due date field on ASANA.
    -Both send daily task-related email notifications, and I like ASANA’s idea of putting items “recently assigned to you” first (see demo email below).
    -ASANA is FREE. Basecamp is not.

    -Zendesk also has customizable task fields for diverse reporting abilities
    -Zendesk tasks are created by incoming emails. I used it to track bugs at the help desk, and to respond to new job applicants. There is a demo on ASANA for tracking job applicants. 
    -ASANA is post e-mail (however you can email tasks to asana inbox)
    -Zendesk is expensive, pay by “agent” (employee) 
    -ASANA IS FREE LOL (ok $100 for 30 members)

    Hope this helps!


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