Add Salt To Your Laundry For Vibrant Colours

It seems like every laundry detergent makes claims its product makes colours last longer. According to DIY blog Apartment Therapy, the easiest trick is to add a tablespoon of salt to the load.

The premise is that the chloride in salt helps keeps clothes bright by sealing in the colour across repeated washings. We've already seen salt's power to remove bloodstains, but it turns out it's a great protector of clothes as well. If you have some brand news clothes you'd like to protect, How Stuff Works recommends using a 1/2 cup of salt to prevent colour bleeding on the first wash.

Use Salt to Keep colours From Fading In Your Fabrics [Apartment Therapy]


    ...until the salt rusts the inside of your washing machine and you have to buy a new one ;)

    This is the worst tip ever! It would corrode the guts out of your washing machine pretty quickly, it would be cheaper just to replace your clothes!

    "Add Salt To Your Laundry For Vibrant Colours"
    No - Add Salt To Your Laundry For corroded machine!

    And pepper:
    What's next? Tomatoes for deeper reds, broccoli for greens?

    Isn't there too much salt in washing detergents anyway? I thought it was used as a filler/bulking agent.

    Add iodine-131 for that vibrant glow

    Proudly brougt to by the salt industry.
    Seriously, the mouthwash industry brought out a study that mouthwash after brushing was just as effective as flossing. They rigged their own studies to ensure the outcome favoured them.

    lol you all have no idea, do you, the active ingredients IN washing powder IS salt!
    This is why you cant pour it onto your lawns, unless you buy special washing powder that is salt free (and more expensive).

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