Add A Cutting Board To A Kitchen Drawer To Improve Workflow

Rarely have room to fit a large cutting board in your small kitchen? Homesteading blog The Farm Chicks recommends adding a cutting board to the top of a kitchen drawer to keep the cutting board handy and provide an additional work surface.

For added trickiness, they've also cut a hole in their cutting board so scraps can go directly into a compost bin in the drawer. You could also remove the bottom of the drawer you use with the cutting board so peelings can go directly into your garbage can. But even if you don't want the compost option, the extra space from using the board there could be worth it.

Kitchen Planning [The Farm Chicks via Re-nest]


    I would be somewhat inclined to think that a kitchen with no room for a cutting board will probably have much less drawer space to dedicate one for making into a pop-out cutting board (though I suppose you could ditch the hole in the centre and have additional storage space on the botton).

    Not to mention there's the issue of the strength of the drawer if one is particularly prone to hacking away at meat.

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