You Could Have Android On Your HP Touchpad

Snagged a HP Touchpad (or seven) during its $98 fire sale in August? Either you've come to terms with what webOS offers and its decidedly terminal fate, or, you've been hanging out for CyanogenMod to get Android onto the hardware. It looks like CM are getting closer to making this reality, judging by their latest video.

CM has put together an experimental installer, called ACME, to automate the process as much as possible. There are a few steps you need to do beforehand, as shown in the clip, but it's by no means a laborious task. You can even set it up to have Android and webOS running in a dual-boot configuration.

Sadly, the installer hasn't been made available and no date is forthcoming — not even an alpha — but I'm sure Touchpad owners are happy to know a bright, Android-shaped future awaits them.

CM7 tantalisingly close to an Alpha release for HP Touchpad [Ausdroid]


    only slightly related.
    I just installed the beta of an unofficial port of the CM7 to the Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab (P1000).
    CyanogenMod is a _very_ slick ROM. high quality and mostly bug free.

    Well, when I finally give my wife hers in January, it looks like I'll have a choice over which OS I use! Hopefully 'Amazon' will buy 'WebOS' and keep it up to date from there though! #]

    Good luck to even get a HP tablet. Cues miles long with only a limited supply.

    What is that annoying banging in the back ground?

    That would drive me insane trying to make a video like this with that infernal racket. oh wait, its driving me insane just watching the video.

    Can't wait for the release. Good to see it coming along.

      He said right in the beginning of the video they were replacing his roof.

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