Wrap A Drill Bit In Copper Wire To Prevent Over-Drilling

Wrap A Drill Bit In Copper Wire To Prevent Over-Drilling

When you’re drilling holes, it’s incredibly easy to drill deeper than you need to if you’re not paying enough attention. Home improvement show host Ron Hazelton suggests wrapping your bit in copper wire as a temporary depth gauge.The best use for this would be if you’re drilling multiple holes that need to be the same depth, but it will also come in handy if you’re drilling a hole for an anchor, because you’ll be able to define the depth you need without having to guess. Just be sure to wrap the copper wire in a clockwise motion so it doesn’t unravel when you’re drilling. He has a couple of other tips, including using tape and a dowel to achieve similar results in the video linked below.

How to Drill Holes to the Same Depth Using Drill Stops [Ron Hazelton]


  • That’s an expensive depth gauge. Wouldn’t a “real” one cost about the same as all that copper wire? I just use some tap stuck on, and use my eyes to see when I’ve reached the correct depth.

  • Where do these silly stories come from? seriously, a simple piece of tape as mentioned is far superior and costs virtually nothing. Copper on the other hand, if you strip a wire to get it, good luck finding something thick enough to be useful.

  • I think the reason for the copper wire is two fold that it actually blocks you from drilling further and you may already have some in your work area and it can be re-used.

  • A piece of masking tape does the same trick. If you leave a little tape sticking out, when you reach the required depth, the tail wipes away all the saw dust from around the hole

  • I just use a dob of liquid paper on the drill bit. Can easy scratch off.

    And also – you NEED to pay ENOUGH attention when drilling, or this article will need to be expanded to how to clean up blood with coke.

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