What Google, Apple And Facebook Pay Their Employees

TechCompanyPay is a new site where you can find out what the world's top technology companies pay their employees. Built by Google engineer Gareth Jones, the site provides links to LinkedIn accounts, if you're the stalker type, and allows you to search for companies by name and location.

In case you were wondering (I know I was), Twitter tops the average salary list at $US120,111. Apple sneaks into second with $US113,319, while LinkedIn rounds out the top 3 at $US111,720. Google makes 5th by a good US$8000, at $US104,594.

Unless you're in a high-paying job yourself, it's a good way to make yourself depressed on a Sunday afternoon. Or happy, if you realise you could be earning more in your current position and are confident about making it happen.

Former Googler Builds Site That Shows You What Top Tech Companies Pay [TechCrunch]


    Remember top pay isn't always the best, employee benefits would range between places. For example the cafe at google is free.

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