Weekend Journeys Are Not Necessarily Quicker

Weekend Journeys Are Not Necessarily Quicker

When you’re stuck in weekday commuter traffic, it seems easy to assume that travelling on the weekend would be easier. However, traffic data suggests that the differences for many journeys are often non-existent.

An analysis of Sydney traffic data collected by the SUNA system and compiled by GPS manufacturer Navman found minimal journey and speed differences on many common trips. A journey from Sydney Airport to the CBD was only 30 seconds faster on weekends, and average speeds on that trip are virtually the same regardless of the day. The one factor that differs is when activity peaks: on weekdays it is between 6:15am and 10:00am, while on weekends it slips to between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

While Navman argues that the data shows the advantage you can get from having live traffic updates on your GPS, it also highlights a more fundamental truth: avoiding traffic problems isn’t easy. Which routes do you find better on the weekend? Share your stories in the comments.


  • That’s because Sydney traffic is flat-out insane. There’s segments of major roads worse on weekends, such as around major shopping centres (Ikea, DFO, Parramatta) – people think “it’s the weekend, I’m not going to slum it on a train.” Between that and many zones where the lack of clearways chops 30 – 50% of road capacity (Victoria Road) means even lower traffic is going to experience the same jam.

    Better routes on the weekends are the ones which sneak through less-major roads and other suburban routes. Have a look at a map and see if there’s any minor connecting routes and try those out on weekends.

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