Want It Now Offers Same-Day Shipping From Some Aussie Online Stores

It hasn't exactly stopped us embracing online shopping, but a common complaint about buying online in Australia is that getting items can be slow, expensive and inconvenient. Courier firm Mail Call Couriers is offering a service called 'Want It Now' which promises same-day delivery and on-your-phone tracking — but at a cost.

Once an item is dispatched through the service, you can track it via iPhone, Android or BlackBerry apps, as well as via a web site. You can also get an SMS when your item is 20 minutes away from delivery.

From a consumer viewpoint, the main disadvantages are that you can only use it if the retailer you shop from offers the option (currently around 40 are signed up); it only works in Sydney and Melbourne; and, unsurprisingly, it costs more (it varies between sites, but $10 to $15 extra on top of standard delivery charges is quoted as typical). What goods would you be willing to pay extra for to achieve that speed of delivery? Tell us in the comments.

Want It Now


    For businesses requiring "emergency" products, it could be a good thing. I'm currently buying a new bulb for a projector at work and it's going to take some time to ship it to work. If I could get it same day, what is $15 in order to get the conference room running again?

    There are lots of existing same day courier options if you really need that $15 bulb, hell if it is that important you can even go outside and get it yourself.

    For the most part I get my IT stuff from eStore and get it next day if they have stock, so meh.

    I use Yellow Express... Can track it down to the street my goods are in from any computer or phone and delivered in 3 hours or it's free...

    I met these guys at a conference recently. The main customers are women who want clothes for going out that evening. Probably worth the $15, I mean even if you could go and get something on your lunch hour, you probably are worth more than $15 an hour anyway! They seem like a good bunch, and I hope it works out for them.

    Officeworks also does same day delivery (only orders before 11.30 :)

    Wow, a button marked "Click here to view Retailers". That's, um, bold. :)

    I'm not sure how this service is any different from any door to door/same day courier service.

    After a "order by 1 pm and your order will ship next day" fiasco with Dick Smith turned into a 5 day shipping delay in metro Sydney I'd love this.

    My favourite Computer/IT supplier (IJK) have offered this for a decade: Order before 11am and it's delivered some time between 1-5pm

    Don’t use mail call (Want it now ) , it’s a very dodgy company which abuses its staff

      Hi Emma

      Mail Call takes this type of commentary very seriously and I'd really like to address this myself as the Managing Director. Pls feel free to contact me on the email address.

      Fiona Pearse

        How seriously?

    They are a courier company and aren't hiding it, all they are doing is offering a faster solution to other hopeless slow delivery options, it's about time an Aussie courier company invested some time and money into online delivery options!

    I use Fastway couriers who can always get my wheat free and gluten free products delivered same day for about 1/3 of that price, still offers tracking and can chase stuff up reasonably well considering the volumes we send (over 200 parcels / week)

    unless these guys can say it will be delivered in say 2 hrs its the same thing but more expensive

    I also use fast way couriers and can delivery prompt fast tracked parcel service.
    Mail call is just delegating ! In exchange of a fee! :-) sorry but true!

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