Want It Now Offers Same-Day Shipping From Some Aussie Online Stores

It hasn’t exactly stopped us embracing online shopping, but a common complaint about buying online in Australia is that getting items can be slow, expensive and inconvenient. Courier firm Mail Call Couriers is offering a service called ‘Want It Now’ which promises same-day delivery and on-your-phone tracking — but at a cost.

Once an item is dispatched through the service, you can track it via iPhone, Android or BlackBerry apps, as well as via a web site. You can also get an SMS when your item is 20 minutes away from delivery.

From a consumer viewpoint, the main disadvantages are that you can only use it if the retailer you shop from offers the option (currently around 40 are signed up); it only works in Sydney and Melbourne; and, unsurprisingly, it costs more (it varies between sites, but $10 to $15 extra on top of standard delivery charges is quoted as typical). What goods would you be willing to pay extra for to achieve that speed of delivery? Tell us in the comments.

Want It Now


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