Vodafone Says Customer Service Will Be Better Next March

The good news? Vodafone says it is installing a more efficient customer service system. The bad news? It won't be in place until March next year.

While the biggest topic of complaint I've heard from Lifehacker readers about Vodafone this year has been the unreliability of its network (something it has been spending up on with variable results), difficulties in talking to someone to get problems resolved run a close second. Long wait times are common, being endlessly bounced between uninformed staffers in multiple countries seemed the norm, and the Lara voice recognition system never once understood what I was asking it the entire time I was a Vodafone customer.

The new One Connect service will use a Genesys-based system to monitor incoming calls across Vodafone's phone network, support email addresses, Twitter and Facebook accounts and online forums, and "route the enquiry to the best place and to the customer service advisor with the best skills to respond". This is a great idea if it works, but the challenge is ensuring enough staff are available and that they do know what they're talking about.

What changes would you like Vodafone to make to its customer service? Share your ideas in the comments.



    The system improvements will be essentially pointless unless there's a sweeping revision of staffing and training.

    I used to be highly impressed with VF customer service. But it's been in sharp decline since around 2007-2008.

    It was the difference between Westnet and, for example, AAPT. Chalk and cheese differences. I didn't dread calling them if I had an issue but now the staff aren't trained enough or simply have no idea.

    This year may be my final year, of 11 years, with VF. I make my final decision in December.

    It would be nice if they did what they said they would do in the first instance. It's bad enough you have to play tag with them on the phone and spend time to get to someone who actually understands the reason for your call but to be told that they will do something and then find out they haven't done it (sometimes on multiple occasions with the same issue) is nightmarish, considering you then have to call them again and go through the same phone tag nonsense.

    Bring the customer service back in-house.

    While Vodafone use their off-shored customer service centre themselves, they don't like it any better than the rest of us.

    It also helps to tell your customer service people about upcoming products.

      Ditto. Call me racist but I hate speaking to India to sort out my phone Bills. Not only is it Un-Australian, but half the time, I have to ask them to keep repeating themselves because I can understand their accent. Makes a mockery of "Customer Service"

    too late. Already switched over to telstra. loving their network. not too sure about service cause i haven't had to deal with it yet

    Hmmm, first it was the network that was being improved and now customer service??

    I'm still with VF and haven't noticed ANY speed or coverage improvements where I live (Central Coast NSW) even though they have supposedly improved the towers near me.

    I now have a big decision. My contract is coming up in a month or so and I'm seriously looking at Telstra. My work phone is with them and I know how fast they are compared with VF.

    If only Telstra did a plan like VF's unlimited ones!!

      The people have spoken - and they would much rather pay for an allocated amount of usage that reasonably approximates their actual usage and have a working service, than pay for "unlimited" and not have a working service.

      That is just common sense.

    will they have any customers left by then

    Now Isn't this a joke?

    Just this weekend I had to call Voda's customer support.

    With a polite demeanor and a firm idea of what I wanted, I was able to get out of my 24mo contract (with 5mo remaining) in just two phone calls. It would have been one, but the cancellations department was closed when I rang first. So, they offered to call me back the next day and put me straight through to the department rather than me calling directly and having to wait in line.

    I was very happy with their customer support. Very PO at their reception, which is why I cancelled :P

    I had a mobile internet plan with Vodafone which I didn't need any more, so I've actually been trying for months to cancel it.
    First 2 times I called, I wasn't given the callback option, I waited on hold (around 11am) for over 30 minutes and gave up.
    I called last week around 4pm, waited 30 mins on hold, finally spoke to an Indian guy (I have no issues with), but after the list of upselling questions he tried to put me through to the cancellation team who had closed while I was waiting.
    I called the next day (around 11am again) was on hold for 15 minutes, went through the upselling questions again, was put through to the cancellation team, I asked them to send the final bill to me home email and cancel the account. I think it's cancelled but I haven't gotten the bill.
    The internet login now doesn't work...

    I went to a vodafone store, I asked if I could pay my bill there, they said I can't but they can print out the statement and I can pay that in a post office. Fine. But no, they can't see my account because it is now closed, and they can't tell me how to pay the bill but please try calling help desk again.


    My mobile however, is with Virgin mobile and has been for years. Their service and plans have only gotten better and better, and I can't see myself going with anybody else.

      p.s. I will never ever go with Vodafone for any product again, and I will do my best to encourage all friends, family and co-workers to shop elsewhere.

    Two years too late. Not to mention the service crappiness. And who is insane enough to still use vodafone, anyway?

    The sooner their substandard, non functional network disappears from this country entirely the better.

    Will they have any customers left to serve by March next year?

    Agreed, too little, too late.
    I had been with Vodafone for around 10 years, and just switched over to an different network at the start of the month.
    For the first time ever, I've been able to connect to the internet first go, everytime.
    There were a couple of times over the past few months (when I was with VF) where it wouldn't connect for up to 3 days in a row (I'm in a capital city too). Made it worse because I am relying on tethering my phone for my home internet as well.
    I'd never go back to their network now. I'm so glad my contract ended and have gotten out of there!

    It's interesting to see the calls for the customer service to be run by locals. That will significantly increase the cost of plans to the point where you might as well go to Telstra. You cant have it both ways.

    As for my experience, i hate talking to the automated machine asking what i would like to do. I'd rather a list "press 1 for x" than the useless voice recognition software.

    I've been using Vodafone for 10 years, and I'm realistic about what to expect with their services. Pay peanuts get monkeys so to speak.

      Pay peanuts and expect monkeys? I have a plan with Virgin Mobile where I get $400 worth of calls (inc international), free calls and sms to other virgin phones, rollover of unused credit and 2Gb per month of data for $39.
      Whenever I call them I get to speak to an Australian. The service and price is fine for me.

    Unless this new customer service routing system routes to an Australian call centre, it won't help. The number of times i have had to repeat myself or have them (Indian call centre) repeat what they have said... I am sure they could cut number of calls and call times in half if done properly.
    As for the network, it is still far from impressive, and I am in one of the areas which has been "upgraded".

    I haven't had to deal with VF since I moved over from 3. Because of that I haven't had any bad experiences :D

    The network does still leave a fair amount to be desired, even in the 'upgraded' areas. It's 100% better than what I experienced with 3 though (no service at all in my house, calls not coming through and delayed voicemail). Not sure how that works, considering they're basically the same.

      despite my comment about the service, I should add that I haven't actually had any issues. No drop-outs, no internet connectivity problems (it could be faster, but it's not carrier-pidgeons-could-fly-the-packets-of-data-faster slow) and I the only time I go out of range is when the train goes through a tunnel.

      For what I'm paying I really can't complain. If you want lightning-fast data speeds, go to Telstra and pay the extra.

    After 11 years, I moved from VF to Telstra this week. I couldn't be happier. The final straw for me was seeing the whiny sook from the "Secret Life of Us" as their public face on their TV commercials. I don't want anything to do with any company that would think he's a good public face.

    10 emails sent in 10 days- 3 responses in 10 days could say lucky I got a response - unfortunately it was not the right response as they did not ready my emails properly. What annoys me is that I emailed because my phone is not working and then they email and say if you are unhappy with this service please call to speak to someone! Apparently they have a very long list of emails they need getting through so the wait will be slightly longer than normal. Absolutely appalling service and as soon as something is done about it the better. Unfortunately i have no respite from this at work as our internal support service is also in India!.

    I've had trouble with the connection and phone bills with vodafone for the past two months. The customer service is the worst ever, it doesn't connect very well and very poor quality speaking. I called nearly 10times since the beginning of this month, none of them delivered the promise successfully. My phone still have connection problems and the bill has gone from my account without my notice. I tried to phone them yesterday, unfortunately, after 2 hours waiting, they kicked me from "Customer Care" to "Collection Team" to "Trouble Shooting" and back to "Customer Care". None of them admitted that there was a huge mistake that they've made and none of them is willing to help out. If that is how Vodafone trapped their clients with a bit cheaper offering but with the worst ever customer service, I doubt the how far could this company go. For me, I would never choose to trust Vodafone and use any Vodafone products what so ever, and I would not suggest to any of my friends.

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