Use Coffee To Remove The Smell Of Cigarettes From A Car

Use Coffee To Remove The Smell Of Cigarettes From A Car

Whether you just purchased a new car from a smoker or you’re trying to freshen up your own habit, green living blog Yahoo! Green suggests tossing a layer of used coffee grounds into your car’s ashtray to get rid of the scent of cigarettes.

As we’ve seen before, coffee grounds are a great deodoriser for drains, but they also work remarkably well at removing odour of all kinds, including the smell of tobacco from cars, which is especially handy it you’re a non-smoker who has just purchased a used car from someone who smoked in it. You can find a whole collection of other tips for using coffee grounds over at Yahoo! Green.

27 household uses for coffee [Yahoo! Green]


  • Here’s a good tip.. don’t smoke in the car in the first place.. and if you really do want to get your nicotine hit.. buy an electronic cigarette for the car.. 🙂

  • My dear spouse smokes like a chimney in his car, and, as much as I love him, it’s a pretty disgusting place to me. I might have to do a MacGyver and try this out…

  • Fabric softener works as a good air freshener in a car. Just buy the floppy plastic type from the supermarket, hide it under the seat for a few weeks to make the car smell nice, then use it in the washing after. lasts longer than a lot of air fresheners too.

    • I think that JJ Henry has left many comments like this all over the Internet. Some people suggest he is an employee of biocidesystems. There is nothing wrong with that, but, if true, his is not the uninterested opinion of an Auto Shocker user.

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